Arrival Information for Conscious & Connected Classes

Welcome to our Conscious and Connected Wed night class.

Full address:  Level 1/87 Brown St, East Perth WA 6004, Australia

Upon your arrival, It is important to be in our seats and ready to start class at 7pm.


  • Arrival: 6:45pm
  • Doors lock: 6:55pm. This ensures a peaceful athmostphere.
  • Class Starts: 7:00pm 
  • Class Ends: 8:15pm

Please park in the on street parking available close by.

Please walk to the upstairs lobby where Cat or Kelly will come and get you.


Please take your belongings and chair to the lobby on your way out, leaving Cat and Kelly to do their final pack down.

Please sit, breathe and enjoy the garden – I will come & get you when were ready to begin. 

Looking forward to Creating Consciously with you.

With Love
Cat and Kelly