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Cat Cronin – So Alive 365

About Cat Cronin

Cronin’s work is currently showing in permanent exhibitions in boutique gallery’s and public buildings and private collections worldwide. She has been invited to perform live painting and speak on hope and resilience at numerous events.

Cronin is an advocate for people suffering with chronic pain and mental health issues. She teaches resilience skills, creative skills and creative confidence workshops which fuel her great passion to help equip people with both the practical skills as well as the confidence to embrace their own unique creative energy, so that they can express themselves completely in all that they do.

Cronin worked initially as a freelance Artist and designer fabricator, based in London, for nearly 6 years. This allowed her to experience working with world class artist’s, shows and exhibits worldwide. Some of these artists include Richard Wilson, Antony Gormley, Marc Quinn, Harland Miller, Keith Tyson and Anish Kapoor and the Chapman Brothers. 

Here she also collaborated with Galleries including The Royal Academy of Arts London, The National Gallery of Portraiture London, White Cube and Saatchi Gallery in London and Kiev, The Tate Modern and The Hayward Gallery London.

In addition she worked with Her Majesty’s Theatre and the Lyceum Theatre and collaborated with BBC television, RTE and in Film productions and worked on events such as London Fashion week, Freeze Art Fair London, London Zoo and Trafalgar Square.  Museums she has worked with include Madame Tussauds, The London Science Museum, The Museum of Natural History in Brussels and Paris.

 Cronin approached her work as a kind of apprenticeship to some of the very best innovators, scenic painters, sculptors, designers, makers and skilled crafts people in the world – together executing creative projects that had never been undertaken before to the highest level.

Artist statement

I have been a full time practicing artist since leaving DLIADT in June 2005.  Working as a freelance Artist/sculptor and designer fabricator based in London allowed me the wonderful experience of working with world class artist’s shows and exhibits worldwide.  During this time I was in an ever learning state expanding my skills, pushing boundaries.  I approached my work as an apprentice to the very best innovators, scenic painters, sculptors, designers, makers and skilled crafts people – together we were executing creative projects to the highest level that had never been undertaken before –it was so exciting and I got front row seats.

In Jan 2011, I was sideswiped by a negligent driver and my entire life changed.

By 2015 I was 4 years into full on rehabilitation and recovery and was finally getting some beautiful windows of relief from severe disabling pain caused by spinal injuries- it was progress, unpredictable slow progress but progress, and it was exciting.   These windows provided me some clarity and a little perspective.  I longed for my previous creative life.  I needed to find a way to re connect with my deepest desires again and to teach myself to passionately desire what I could have now. 70hour weeks and traveling the world were no longer on the cards.

 I started to draw lying down initially and progressed to painting standing up at an easel for 15, 20 min bursts.  Id paint in frenzy and lie on the floor and repeat until I couldn’t stand and then rest and push myself to do the same the following day.  I committed to make art every day for a year and share it on social media.  I created a habit that changed my entire life for the better.  I paint/ draw every day now- sometimes just a sketch and other days it flows for hours.  I leave my body when I paint, I feel invincible and every time I land back in my body I am healed a little more.  Painting is now my drug of choice. 

The key themes that drive my work are growth, pain, vulnerability and the courageous journey to peace and connection.  

For me movement, independence and creative expression are as important as breathing.  It is who I am and it is how I am Alive.  

I believe that everyone is absolutely enough and that people become more beautiful the more they embrace all that they truly are.

My commission pieces are growth stories – parts of my client’s journeys.  They are important parts of their past and possibilities for their future that they need to be reminded of daily.  The process is about connection-about really getting to know what my patrons are about, what makes them tick, fires them up and makes them feel Alive - Then I get to leave the planet and unleash that energy on canvas!! The end result is a bit like showing someone a true mirror of all they are and saying "Can u see yourself, can you see how powerful and beautiful you are” it then hangs in their home and reminds them daily.  It’s a powerful way to connect and I am so grateful for my patrons that really open themselves up to be seen.

I paint/sculpt now mainly in Acrylic paint as well as water colour and enamel –using glazes and varnishes and often charcoal pallet knives hands, arms, elbows brushes and whatever is in reach.

Sometimes working in a controlled meditative state and more often following the energy of the moment or an induced energy that I reach from changing my state. I work from reference and in abstract.  I am fired up by movement and the human form and inspired by courage and vulnerability.

I am FULLY ALIVE 365 days a year and smiling and grateful and present.  I paint to be alive – it is as important to me as breathing- it allows me to completely connect to the people and world around me and to escape my body for a while and tap into the beautiful healing space created by pure creative energy