COMPLETED -Art & Alchemy 6 Week Journeys

COMPLETED -Art & Alchemy 6 Week Journeys

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Art & Alchemy 6 Week Journeys

Art & Alchemy 6 Week Journeys are never the same twice - each 6 weeks you begin a new journey of self-discovery and creative exploration, with challenging new adventures just outside comfort zones and learning new skills.  Each journey is set up with the student's success and enjoyment at the forefront - making these journeys a favorite to return to time after time. These are beautifully encouraging journeys, where making mistakes and not knowing how to do it... are celebrated:) Enjoy a re- introduction to yourself, and to your unique creative expression.  Watch yourself blossom with this injection of joy and curiosity to your week.

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  • Mixed Media
  • Landscape Fundamentals
  • Creative Journaling
  • Portraiture Fundamentals 
Start Date Start Date
Tues 09:30am

Mixed Media

8th Aug 

Mixed Media

26th Sept

Tues 11:30am

Landscape Fundamentals1

8th Aug

Creative Journaling

26th Sept

Tues 7pm

Mixed Media

18th July

Mixed Media

5th Sept

Thurs 09:30am

Creative Journaling

20th July

Portraiture Fundamentals

7th Sept

  • Start Dates: Tues 18th July, Thurs 20th July, Tues 8th Aug, Tues 5th Sep, Thurs 7th Sept, 26th Sept
  • Location: Nowergup 6032, Full address & arrival details will be shared on booking:)
  • Duration: 1.5hr
  • Equipment: BYO journal, all other materials are included. 
  • Exchange: 6 weeks for $239 

Start Dates: Tues 18th July 9.30am,  11.30am & 7pm, Thus 20th 9:30am

Tues 5th Sept 9.30am, 11.30am & 7pm , Thurs 7th Sept 9:30 am 

Mixed Media 6 week Journeys

The original journey. During your Mixed Media 6-week journey you will learn to re- connect with your unique creative spark.   Learn to build trust with who you are and what you would like to create more of in your life & your Art. Enjoy a sense of community and belonging with some cool creative, weird and interesting beings…just like you:) Playfully explore and grow creative confidence with charcoal, soft pastels, acrylic paint, and more. 

This is a beautifully encouraging journey, where making mistakes and not knowing how to do it.. are celebrated.  Enjoy a re- introduction to yourself, and to your unique creative expression.  Watch yourself blossom with this injection of joy and curiosity to your week.  The Mixed Media Journey can be a wonderful journey if you would like to try a bit of everything or not sure where to start.  Some of our students have been coming back for more in depth journeys over and over again- no two journeys are the same:)

All Materials included.  No experience necessary.

 Landscape Fundamentals 6 week Journey

Landscape Fundamentals & Foundations 6 week journey.  Do you remember the feeling you get when you witness somewhere wild and beautiful.  The moment you remember just how alive you are, when your heart opens up to the beauty life has to offer. During this 6 week journey Improve your observation, drawing and painting skills, whilst re-connecting with the natural beauty of the places that inspire you.  Learn to use sweeping brush strokes to lay out landscape paintings with depth & perspective and grow your unique connection & appreciation with the land and nature.  Over 6 weeks we will set you up to grow your creative confidence and make beautiful artworks in acrylic and mixed media.

All Materials included.  No experience necessary.

 Creative Journaling 6 week Journey

During your Creative Journaling 6 week Journey you will get to know yourself as a unique creative, personalise your own Creative Journal, improve your drawing and observation skills whilst experimenting with inks, felt pens & watercolors & more.  Learn to mindfully appreciate & take inspiration from the world around you.  Get to know yourself as the unique creative expression you are… working playfully with inspiring quotes, questions and affirmations.  Begin to notice more of the beauty around you... bring curiosity, wonder & upliftment to yourself & your week.

BYO journal - any hardback sketchbook will do - it does not need to be expensive or high quality - just one you like without any lines...I like an A4 hardback visual Diary or sketchbook, but you might prefer an A5 size. If your unsure - come along without on the 1st day and see 1st hand what you might like - while still joining in with paper & materials, I have here for you.

All other materials included. No experience necessary.

Portraiture Fundamentals & Foundations

Portraiture the Fundamentals & Foundations 6 week journey– learn to observe and appreciate life and gain an understanding of what is happening and more importantly - what is not happening in any given portrait.  Become more confident to trust and action what you are observing. Learn to avoid the most common pitfalls made by amateur artists & learn how to see, understand and express shapes, shadows, highlights and less obvious tones & planes by playing with charcoal & pencil on paper and later acrylic paint and mixed media. We will playfully and mindfully & joyfully focus on facial features eyes mouths and those tricky noses and gain some clarity, while we practice proportion, placement and the fundamentals.  Let's make this sometimes-tricky skill of portraiture fun and playful in a safe space where mistakes and not knowing how are celebrated and having a go is encouraged.  Leave perfection at the door.

All Materials included.  No experience necessary.



"At the Little School of Art and Alchemy you are immersed in serenity the moment you step out of your car.  Your senses are greeted by a pot of hot tea steeped with freshly plucked herbs from the garden.  Lambs bleat and chickens cluck nearby.  Cat's expertise and unique approach to teaching encourages you to discover your own style of learning and your own artistic identity." - Cherie

"My 6 week journey has been a journey of self- discovery in the most beautiful, gentle, creative way" - Sheree

"I enjoyed the 6 week course you provide an environment that is friendly, peaceful and encouraging for everyone to have a go no matter of their skill level thank you" - Susan

"Experiencing Cats Little Art class has been an amazing journey into me, it has helped me get in touch with my feelings and learn how to process them. I have become confident in my ability to play with colours, mediums & ideas of art & life.  Its so much more than an Art Class" - Cath

"Fabulous fun frolicking with Cat & her paints, crayons, chalks & charcoal-
I learnt to be BIGGER & now I refuse to be small anymore" - Linda

"Art class with the beautiful Cat Cronin from The Little School of Art and Alchemy is a gift to this world. Every week we come together with beautiful people, beautiful surroundings and tea from Cats gorgeous garden. Over soul chats, laughter and sometimes tears each week is a journey of self-discovery through creative expression. I feel truly blessed to have this in my life" -S

"What is The Little School of Art and Alchemy? It’s not what you think it is!!Your experiences there will confuse you at first - but then you will be delighted as the real YOU comes to the fore. You will be nudged, coerced, persuaded and most of all encouraged to show YOURSELF (in all your glory) as you discover, unfold and express your heart’s desires - where all the MAGIC of life exists. It’s a wonderful journey to be treasured into your future." - L