Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

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Meditation & Self Discovery Classes

You may like to begin a new journey of Self-discovery & Meditation and learn the practice of checking in and being more present & patient with how you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Just like all offerings at The Little School of Art & Alchemy these classes are a judgement free space, where making mistakes, not knowing how to do it and the courage to just give it a go and get it wrong are celebrated. Bring your quirky unique self. No experience necessary. Full address & arrival details will be sent to you on booking.

There are two Meditation Classes to choose from

  • Wednesday 7pm - Conscious & Connected (East Perth 6004)

  • Thursdays 11:30am - Works in Progress (Nowergup 6032)

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Wednesday 7pm - Conscious & Connected (East Perth 6004)

Where Souls Align & Hearts Ignite.
Date & Time: Wednesdays 7pm-8.15pm Weekly
Location: Earth Point Evolution, East Perth - In Person & Online
Exchange: $15 Adults only
Facilitators: Cat & Kelly

Each Wednesday we co-create a nurturing judgement free space to check-in with how we are feeling across our physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies. At the Conscious & Connected classes, we explore nurturing a more supportive relationship with self, practice partnering with kindness, patience and self-respect and have a go at gaining more of a sense of how that can look, feel and sound for you. If you are curious to explore how you can align and center yourself amongst the chaos in the world, please book your place below.  Arrival details will be sent on booking. 

If you are joining online, please book your place below and email to request an online link.

Thursdays 11:30am - Works in Progress (Nowergup 6032)

Meditation & Tools to Support & Nurture Our Unique Creative Flow. 
Date & Time: Thursdays 11.30am - 12.30pm Weekly
Location: The Little School of Art & AlchemyNowergup 6032 - In Person 
Exchange: $15 Adults only
Facilitator: Cat

Gift yourself space for Meditation, exploration and personal development.  Each Thursday we learn ways to support, protect & reconnect with your unique inner strength & sensitivity and how to navigate life with more clarity, calm and self-determination.  This class includes meditation, energetic hygiene and practicing heart centered mastery of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.   This is a supportive judgement free space to return to week after week as we each travel our own unique journey as a work in progress.  Arrival details will be sent to you via email on booking.